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Our community does a holiday home tour

every year and a few people agree to deck their halls and allow perfect strangers to walk through their home to see the festive decor.

It seems I’ve taken complete leave of my senses because I Volunteered my home this year.

I have learned a lot through this experience, that I have too much stuff has been at the forefront.

Christmas is my favorite holiday…

and normally enjoy decorating but this year I feel the pressure and worry that it won’t be good enough.  Well that’s crazy, it’s my house, my stuff, my style, and if they don’t like it, there are other homes to see. Right? ?

My daughters both agree that I’m stressed because of Instagram and all the amazing home decor bloggers that I follow.

In a way they’re right, I know that I don’t have the creative design talent that so many of these women do.

snow owlBut I gain so much inspiration from them and I can see that come to life throughout my home. So I’m taking a break and filling up my inspiration tank. Then I have to get back at it, I only have 10 days left. ??‍♀️

A big thank you to all of you home decor/design ladies that inspire me! There are too many to name so I’ll just say Happy Thursday and Merry Christmas to everyone!



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Hi! I'm Cindy....wife, mom, Mimi (aka grandma) and home décor enthusiast. I love thrift stores, flea markets, yard sales and good junk!
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