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All Great Signs Point to ANTIQUES

I love antiques…

and signs….and antique signs. I just don’t love paying the prices, so I decided to build a sign myself, an ANTIQUES sign. This sign was so easy to make and very inexpensive and it only took a couple of hours (not counting the drying time for paint and glue).

You can make your sign any size you want but I’ll give you the list of supplies that I used for this sign with links to the products I used.

1- 1×10 x 6 ft pine board

1- 1×2 x 8 ft pine boards

8 inch Letters

spray paint 

chalk paint


wood glue


miter saw

finish nailer

Placing the wood letters on the Antiques Sign


The first thing I did

was to lay out the letters (I had previously spray painted them black) on my board to decide how best to space them and how long to cut the board. This took a bit of measuring and standing back to look before I was happy with the placement.

I didn’t make any marks on the board (other than the cut mark at the end) because I knew the painting step would cover that up anyway. But at least I knew what length would work.

Placing the wood letters on the Antiques Sign


I ended up cutting my board

to 56 inches and I used my miter saw to do that. My saw wouldn’t cut through the entire board so I had to flip the board to finish the cut.

Cutting the 1x10 board with a miter saw

Cutting the 1x10 board with a miter saw

Cutting the 1x10 board with a miter saw


Yes I could have used the table saw

to make the cut all at once, but my garage is not set up with my power tools in dedicated spots, and getting out the table saw for one cut was just not something I felt like doing. So miter saw it was!!! Work smarter not harder is my motto! 🙂

I put a coat of Minwax Dark Walnut stain

on the board with a brush and let it sit for about 5 minutes and then wiped it off with a shop towel.

Staining the 1 x 10 for the Antiques Sign

As soon as I wiped off the extra stain I started painting. I used a chip brush and put one coat of Rustoleum white paint on it. I made sure not to allow it to cover it completely. I was going for lots of brush strokes with dark showing through.

Painting the board for the Antiques Sign

Using 150 grit sandpaper I started sanding…before the paint was completely dry. This blended the white paint into the stain and gave it an authentic worn and aged look.

Sanding the paint into the stain on the Antiques Sign

Once I had the board looking like I wanted I stepped away and let it dry.

Sanding the paint and stain together to give the board an aged look.

Now it’s time to place the letters

permanently. I laid a 1×2 along the bottom of the board where I wanted the bottom edge of my letters to sit and clamped it on so it wouldn’t move. This gave me a straight line to sit my letters on so that they would all be at the same distance from the bottom of the board.

Gluing the letters on the Antiques sign

Once I was happy with the placement of the letters I made a tiny pencil mark on the bottom left corner of each letter (sorry, I forgot to snap a pic of that). Then, one at a time, I picked up each letter, put a mall bead of wood glue down the center of the entire letter, on the back of it and carefully laid it back down right where the mark was, pressing down gently to make sure it was flat against the board.

After gluing the last letter I allowed the glue to dry for 24 hours to be sure it was good and set. I considered nailing the letters to the board but decided that it’s just a sign that is going to be hanging on the wall and the glue will suffice.


While the glue was drying

I got to work on the frame. I took one of my 8 foot 1×2’s and laid it along the top edge of the sign. I made sure it was perfectly flush with the right end of the top of the sign and then made a pencil line at the left end where the cut would go. I did the same for the bottom of the sign with the second 1×2 and then I made those cuts on the miter saw.

Framing the Antiques Sign

I laid each piece along the top and bottom and clamped them in place while I measured the end pieces.

I used the remaining pieces from the top and bottom for the end pieces. This time I laid the 1×2 down so that it was flush with the end of the top frame piece and made my mark so that it would be flush with the edge of the bottom frame piece. I repeated this step for the other end.

Once all my frame pieces were cut I used the same staining/painting/sanding technique that I did for the board. You could paint or stain the frame pieces to contrast the board with the letters on it, but I wanted mine all to be the same.

The next day

when my glue was good and dry I used my finish nailer to attach the frame pieces. When making a sign I always attach the top and bottom pieces first and then the end pieces. For this size sign, I put a nail about 2 inches from each end and a couple more in between those two nails. The end pieces each got two nails, one about an inch from each end.

I added hanging hardware

on the back about 12 inches from each end.

I apologize for not having all the photos of these last few steps. I tend to get so excited and hasty that I just forge ahead and forget about my camera.

Close up of the raised wood letters on the antiques sign

Close up of the raised wood letters on the antiques sign

My ANTIQUES sign now graces my dining room

and it’s the perfect spot for it. I love this Antiques sign and plan to make at least one more using this same technique, I just need to decide what I want it to say!

Enjoy and Admire ... All signs point to Antiques

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial

and I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.

I would love for you to stop by my Instagram page @somethingpaintedwhite and say hello and if you make a sign of your own…please tag me.

Have a great day and happy signing!

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Hi! I'm Cindy....wife, mom, Mimi (aka grandma) and home décor enthusiast. I love thrift stores, flea markets, yard sales and good junk!
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Hi! I'm Cindy...

….wife, mom, Mimi (aka grandma) and home décor enthusiast.

I love thrift stores, flea markets, yard sales and good junk! But I really don’t like spending a lot of money, which you probably figured out by where I like to shop.

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